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Pipe Fittings
Stud Bolts
Foundation Bolts
Pipe Fittings
Threaded Fittings:
Threaded fittings are used in low and high pressure systems depending upon material used.These fittings allow quick construction and frequent disassembly and assembly for repairs. Available in Forged steel ASTM A-105 in pressure rating of 3000 and 6000 lbs.
Socketweld Fittings:
Socketweld fittings are used in low and high pressure systems. They are used in permanent installations which require leakproof connections. Socketweld fittings have a recess for the pipe to slip into, after which a back weld is applied to hold the pipe in the fittings. These fittings are formed by either upset forging or drop forging method. Available in: Forged Steel - ASTM A-105 pressure rating of 3000 and 6000 lbs..
Buttweld Fittings:
Buttweld fittings are made from wrought materials and manufactured in both seamless and welded construction. Welding fittings are preferred when physical strength, leakproof construction, and smooth flow characteristics are desired. These fittings are used for permanent applications.Available in Forged Carbon Steel ASTM A-234 in Schedule 30 through 160.
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